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Gettin' trashed like Sass

The Canadian Idol Drinking Game - Season Three
1x if:
Zack is mean
Sass is drunk
Farley doesn't know what he's talking about
Farley wears a really horrible shirt/jacket
Jake tries to be like Zack
2x if:
Farley says something really black
Zack primps himself
Zack dances
Sass is sassy
3x if:
Jake and Zack fight
Sass hits on a contest

Ben and Jon
1x if:
Ben and Jon do something homosexual
Ben is overly orange
Jon is a pervert
2x if:
Ben wears pink
Jon hates on Ben
Ben and Jon are actually funny
Ben shakes his tushie
Jon and/or Ben wear costumes

1x if:
Contestant cries
Contestant sings a Disney song
Contestant sings something from a musical
2x if:
Contestant has a random object or costume
Contestant is in uniform (navy, police, army, etc.)
Contestant ends up in the Top 10
3x if:
Contestant sings a previous idol's song (ie. Dave Mongar singing "Only the Good Die Young" - Jacob's Top 32)
"Love Children" - ie. Chad Doucette looks like the love child of Shane and Jacob
Someone from Abbottsford B.C.
Someone looks like emcy (or any other eljay kids!)
Erica Peck ... just because we know her

1x if:
Appearance of/Clips of an old idol contestant
Greasy, dirty hair
There are really, really, horribly obese guys
Theresa/Jacob/Dickie Kalan wannabes
2x if:
There are muttonchops!
Horrible moustaches (3x for the episode where Jon throws them into the audience)

Brigid (joupakey) drinks if:
There is anything related to Jacob/Hedley
Anyone is named Chris

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